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Skin: the Ins and Outs

The term “nutrient” gets thrown around a lot in the beauty industry, and today, we’d like to hash out a few details and turn you into your own guru with regards to all things pertaining to the matter! Put in a nutshell, a nutrient is a vital substance that provides nourishment for the smooth-functioning of the body. You’d be correct in thinking that the main form of taking in nutrients would be through your digestive system. But as it turns out the digestive tract is just a barrier much like your skin! And as skin is considered to be the body’s largest organ, the real-estate for nutrient exchange is huge! And it is more than just a one-way street: your skin takes in nutrients and minerals and removes waste (i.e. sweat!) As such, skin even became a site of medicine delivery, including common treatments like nicotine patches.

The concept is relatively simple to understand: nutrients (as well as a whole repertoire of other substances) from the environment can simply go through the semi-permeable barrier that is your skin. The skin itself is composed of three different layers (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis from the outside, going inwards) and of course, skin is porous to allow for this exchange. An important nutrient often associated with the skin is Vitamin D, as well as the benefits of moderate exposure to sunlight. Of course, the sunlight itself does not contain Vitamin D but rather, the ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate through the skin and offset a chain of reactions that culminate in the production of the hormone Calcitriol (D3). Several research shows that various other vitamins namely A, C and E can also be absorbed through the skin and even Vitamin D3 (Calcitriol) has been used in the treatment of psoriasis. With minor roles to play in immunity, insulin secretion, blood pressure regulation and a major role in the absorption of Calcium, Vitamin D is a star of sorts and our skin’s ability to absorb it is of stellar importance!

It must be said that the skin is not only a very selective barrier, it is also an extremely slow route of transport. Therefore, the majority of what is applied externally to the skin will not make it into the bloodstream. However, let this not cause any alarm bells to go off in your head because as such, cosmetic products and topical medication are generally intended for effects caused to the skin itself or to areas in close proximity to the layers of skin. For this reason, opting for products with concentrated ingredients help ensure maximum benefits to the skin. House of Life London’s Complete Skin No 31 Natural Face Repair is a super-concentrated moisturizer that helps tackle multiple ageing concerns as well as protecting the skin from Ultra Violet and Infra-Red radiation from the sun, making it indispensable during the warm summer months.

Packed full of nutrients, the No 31 Natural Face Repair moisturiser is a must-have product that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles by enhancing the skin’s natural radiance and elasticity. At House of Life London, we create high-quality products, packed full of nutrients for the skin, that help our customers dispel the myth that women ought to spend hours and hours doing and undoing their face morning and night. Our blend of 30 clinically proven natural and organic ingredients includes extracts such as sea buckthorn, knotgrass and horsetail.

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