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With the demand for natural skincare growing at a rate of knots, we meet the green alchemists who are responsible for the industry’s most innovative products to date.

Skincare has come a long way since the days of lotions that had to be kept in the fridge and creams that separated after a week or two. Fortunately, science and technology have evolved to help us harness the power of nature’s naturally occurring skin saviours.

We don’t have to choose between nature and science, or environmentally friendly botanicals and reliable man-made products. As a result, the industry is awash with wonder-products created using natural ingredients and clever science. And they just keep getting better. We explore the latest yield in innovative skincare that brings us the best of both worlds.


Science has helped to prove that oil can as effective as chemical-driven treatments, although results are often visible later. House of Life has launched the Equalize Anti-Wrinkle Organic Face Oil, £47.50, with 100 per cent organic content, which soften wrinkles and, with the natural scent of Rose Otto, equalises moods and reduces stress. Debbrah Phan, the founder of House of Life, explains: ‘Science has proved that natural methods can be as effective and in some cases more effective on our skin than chemical-driven skincare solutions in the long run. One of the key benefits of using natural skincare or skin treatments is that there are fewer side effects.

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Viktoria Ivanovenya

I quickly saw the difference the products make to me! I love the texture, the smells and the incredible clinical results of the products that

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