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On the Wild Side

On the Wild Side - wild herbal medicine blog

Living in the modern world, we are years, centuries even, from a time when ailments and afflictions would have led us to our local apothecary. No more is a trip to the village healer the thing to do, and no more are plants and herbs our go-to remedies. With the ever-growing range of pharmaceutical products at hand, there is no denying that medicine has taken leaps and bounds into the 21st Century, and laid to rest the need for more traditional medicine.

Or has it? Here at House of Life London, we have taken it back to basics. Vowing against preservatives, toxins, and anything synthetic, we believe in a more natural, holistic approach to medicine. We delved deep into the history of wild herbal science, and learnt, from years of existing research and practices, the benefits natural resources can have on the body.

Now, plant-based medicine has a rich history, and traces of its use lead us back to as early as 2600BC. Before the rise of pharmaceuticals, herbs and plants were the only forms of medicine available, and over the years, civilisations have found ingenious ways of putting the natural resources at hand to good use. In ancient Mesopotamia, for example, records show the use of a sophisticated pharmaceutical system, containing 100 plant-derived remedies. Over in the East, herbs and plants are heavily incorporated into Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda. Further, still down the line, a German apothecary identified and isolated the effects of opium, found in poppies, and morphine was introduced to the world.

In general, when looking into modern plants and herbs, you find them separated into the categories of wild and farmed, with wild herbs, more often than not, being favoured. Free of human involvement, wild herbs grow in uncontrolled environments that contain natural elements, forcing the plant to thrive, and leading to a higher quality of nutrients. With the added benefit of years of evolutionary improvement, the natural compounds found in these wild plants have been improved.

On the Wild Side - wild herbal medicine blogIt is because of this, that we swear by the use of wild herbs in our range of skincare. With formulas created in the depths of Georgia, produced by one of their finest herbal doctors, Dr Lali Gegeshidze, our recipes draw from years of research and experience. Knowing that any substance that enters the body will undergo the four key steps of ADME – these being absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, which see substances absorbed through various tissues – we are adamant that only the finest, natural and organic ingredients are used in our products. In doing this, and opting for plant-based recipes only, ADME properties become increasingly advantageous, meaning fewer side effects and a reduced overall treatment time.

The best bit is, you don’t just have to take our word for it. Our recipes and innovative formulas have been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, improve skin firmness and smoothness, and fight against inflammation, proving that the use of wild herbs really does work. If your skin is needing a quick head-to-toe fix, and you want to put this theory to the test, try out our Complete Skin Nº13 Intense Body Repair oil. Containing ingredients such as beggarticks, sea buckthorn and burdock, this all-natural body oil takes the teachings of herbal specialists and puts them to work, providing you with a preservative, toxin and cruelty-free solution to your skincare woes that really does work.

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