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Why are so many skin routines so complex?

I recently popped into a very famous skincare brands store on my way to a meeting to check out their offerings.

Whilst I was impressed with their range and ingredients, I was shocked when I picked up their ‘how to’ leaflets, suggesting that for great skin, women needed to choose up to five different moisturising products.  These included:

A serum, day cream, night cream, eye cream, oil and gels.

As a busy mum and entrepreneur, I can’t help but wonder who on earth has time for all those products?  As a skincare expert, I also know you don’t really need them.

That’s why I worked so hard on our formulations – I believe that modern women need skincare that does a job of work for them, effectively and easily (and without taking hours and needing a pharmaceutical degree to do).

I’d say most women need two, maybe three products max – a good moisturiser, a facial oil for nights and maybe an eye cream.  When I formulated Complete Skin, our moisturiser range, I included a serum to make it easy (although we do have a glow boost if you need more).

I also wanted a product that worked all day and night.  Ours is full of active, pure botanicals that not only helps protect against environmental damage but also works to support the skin’s regeneration period at night.

We may have been led by marketing to believe that more is more when it comes to skincare, but nature and science show us that just isn’t the case – in fact being consistent with a high-quality product that suits your skin is much more effective long term!

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