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On the Wild Side

Living in the modern world, we are years, centuries even, from a time when ailments and afflictions would have led us to our local apothecary. No more is a trip to the village healer the thing to do, and no more are plants and herbs our go-to remedies. With the ever-growing range of pharmaceutical products […]

‪Celebrities Make Up Artis Gia Mills Recommends Our Serene Range

“Having developed mild rosacea on my cheeks I was keen to find a skincare product which helped calm the redness and reduce the bumps. I tried a number of moisturisers, both natural/organic based as well as non natural/organic based. With out doubt, the only product that calmed my rosatcea was the House of Life London […]

Celebrities Make-up Artist Emma White Turle Recommends House of Life

  ‘As a celebrity make up artist my clients often ask me to recommend an organic skincare brand to use. Within their profession actor’s skin is often subjected to harsh environments from lighting to extreme make up. It has been a long search to find one that is truly organic, that sit’s well under make up and also improves […]

Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist Diana Moar

I’ve been doing a lot of grooming work and the boys LOVE it. They love the smell, texture and weight. I’ve been using these two together and massaging them into the skin to prep and prime. With it being cold the skin tone is uneven and dry in parts. It leaves the face feeling soft […]

Julie – Raining Cake blog

If anti-ageing properties is the main point you look for when investing in face oils, House of Life is the brand I would recommend, especially the CompleteSkin range which is focused on anti-ageing. Filled with nutritious botanicals, this face oil boosts elasticity, firms the skin and improves overall radiance. A little goes a long way with this one also, […]


With the demand for natural skincare growing at a rate of knots, we meet the green alchemists who are responsible for the industry’s most innovative products to date. Skincare has come a long way since the days of lotions that had to be kept in the fridge and creams that separated after a week or two. […]

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