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A Brief History of Georgian Medicine

Our philosophy here at House of Life London is all about enhancing wellbeing with innovative, clinically proven, natural and organic solutions. Always aiming to help improve health from the outside in, we believe that what we put on our skin is largely absorbed directly into our bloodstream, so has greater importance on the health of […]

Why are so many skin routines so complex?

I recently popped into a very famous skincare brands store on my way to a meeting to check out their offerings. Whilst I was impressed with their range and ingredients, I was shocked when I picked up their ‘how to’ leaflets, suggesting that for great skin, women needed to choose up to five different moisturising […]

5 Ingredients to Indulge Yourself with for the Ultimate Self-Care Ritual

We’ve come to think of Valentine’s Day as a time for others, to show our romantic side, but I like to use it instead as a time for oneself. What better chance to slough off some of the winter drain and treat yourself to all the care and adoration we’re encouraged to lavish on others […]

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